With their richness of detail and their high knot density, Gum carpets are regarded as being among the most beautiful and the most exclusive Persian carpets available. These thin Oriental carpets are often knotted entirely in silk, resulting in a carpet with great lustre. The fine silk thread used makes it possible to produce incredibly detailed patterns.

The creation of Qum carpets is one of its distinct characteristics. Because of the thin threads of silk used, the weavers easily manifest small fine details. The knots per square inch (KPSI) on a Qum Carpet ranged between 200-500. The higher the number, the higher quality of rug. The Qum’s fine weaving technique cause the designs to look intricate and thoroughly detailed.

The material composition of a Qum rug is of the utmost quality. They are generally made up of silk and refined wool; in fact, some of the rugs contain two layers of silk. A Qum possesses its own signature style. Qum rugs are normally woven with jewel-toned colors such red, blue, and ivory; however, unlike these shades, the designs vary to give the rug a distinct style.

Qum Carpets are petite in size and utilize their fine composition’s knotting to make them some of the most decorative Oriental rugs on the market. A Qum Carpets features curvilinear and floral motifs as well as pictorial scenes with dynamic vine patterns. Designs such as landscapes, depictions of historical events, medallions, and vine work can be found across the style of Qum. People prefer hanging their Qum rug on their walls rather than putting them on the floors—this doubles a Qum as both a rug and a tapestry.

Qum rugs are commonly made in smaller sizes due to the amount of time these rugs require to be made along with the availability of the materials needed. On a rare occasion, Qum rugs can sometimes be found in larger sizes. Small sizes range around 7x10 feet while larger pieces start from 10x15 feet and sometimes more.



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