Carpet washing / cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, even though you can do it on your own using a vacuum cleaner, it may not remove all the dust accumulated as the vacuum cleaner used at homes is different from the ones used by carpet cleaning companies. Hence, it is advisable to seek the help of professional carpet cleaning company like Persian Carpets Kingdom . Our professional carpet cleaning procedure starts with mechanical pile lifting. This procedure helps in loosening the soil that destroys the fiber on the carpet which is then removed using a powerful vacuum cleaner. Once the pile lifting is done, the carpet is thoroughly investigated for color bleeding or shrinkage. A preconditioner is then applied to suspend and remove any remaining soil. Eventually, a hot water extraction process is done to gently clean the carpet fibers and remove cleaning residues, if any. This method also helps to dry the carpet faster.


Carpet Repair

Whether your carpets are burned, faded, stained or damaged, carpet repair has got you covered. Such carpets are never a problem for us, at carpet repairs we repair them like no other. Where other companies and suppliers only offer the replacement or cleaning services Carpet repair have a professional and experienced team that solve all your carpet related problems.


Carpet Restoration

we offers the restoration and cleaning of old carpets. We understand that it can get quite hectic and difficult to clean the carpets at home and dry them out. Hence, our handyman comes to your site and clean your carpets , cleaning services also include restoration of old and faded carpets. So what are you waiting for? Make your carpets germ free today from carpet repair.


Color restoration

Is Your Carpet Faded, Dull and Drab?……Our Carpet Dyeing Will Have It Looking Fab!
Does your carpet have some heavily faded spots making it look dull and drab? Maybe you’ve spilled something and you’ve got some embarrassing bleach spots? Before you rush out to buy new carpet, let us help restore life to your carpet with our carpet dyeing and color restoration techniques. We can have your carpet looking almost like new again.


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