Professional carpet cleaning involves a few principle methods.  Steam cleaning is by far the most common. It is thorough and involves the spraying and removal of a cleaning solution to wash the carpet fibers.  Shampooing, bonnet cleaning, and encapsulation are other examples.  Most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning because it is superior at removing embedded soil, environmental contaminants, oil, blood, vomit stains, and many others.  We also prefer steam cleaning as it is proven to provide the best results.

While the industry recommends cleaning carpets annually, we understand each household is different. Pets, children, and heavy traffic influence this.  We’ll gladly maintain things according to your needs.

Vacuuming carpets at least once per week is essential to avoiding premature damage to carpet fibers.  Abrasive dirt and sand are examples of things that affect wear. Tar and other oily substances tracked in from garages or recently sealed driveways cause stains to bond more easily.  Vacuuming reduces the impact of this and is very important to extending the life of all of your furnishings.

Our Cleaning Process

We evaluate the carpets for high traffic, surface wear, color loss, and anything that affect their useful life.  We explain to the customer what results can be expected and how their carpets and rugs should be maintained going forward.

Most furniture is moved so that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, and use protectors under furniture legs and edges.  Special tools are used to reach under beds if they can’t be moved.  Difficult stains, heavily used areas and lines along perimeters of the room are examples of the types of things we spend time on.  Our objective is to restore the carpet in the best way possible.

Cleaning agents 

We only use high quality cleaning products that are non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for your family and pets.  Our cleaning agents will leave your carpets looking revitalized and smelling fresh.

When necessary, we use specialty products to remove difficult stains such as paints, pet yellowing, and a variety of spills that can cause damage and require more advanced cleaning techniques.  These types of products are non-toxic and rinsed out thoroughly and the area recleaned.

Disinfectants and Deodorizers

Most cleaning agents are also designed to disinfect and eliminate odors.  However, there are situations where specialized deodorizers and disinfectants are necessary to treat odors caused by unusual dampness, mildew, pets and other demanding situations. These products are used to address those problems.  While the need to disinfect is a personal decision, in most cases, regular cleaning is probably sufficient for most environments.

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